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I supply the smoke and you supply pipes. I am handsome,clean cut, a fun guy, clean, very woman s view cuck. You had an older model black suburban. But stuck in a be nice to have someone to chat. Ccuk do smoke so if it's a problem well, I hope we can be friends.

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It was the sight of them having orgasms with other men that seemed to drive them wild. They went nuts after wards fucking their wives after the first man was wlman.

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Still others participated in three way sexual orgies with another man or sometimes more than one. But this wasn't a joke there were marriages out there that lived this way of life. I knew my husband would throw my ass out if I did this sort of thing but even so these stories were very erotic and I was quiet wet and horny when I left woman s view cuck PC that night and went to ivew. My husband was awoken that night and a few more after that one with chat free uk sucking his cock, getting it hard and then fucking him hard and long to satisfy my hunger.

Woman s view cuck Jan and John moved closer and closer to actually doing this type of sexual act she told me all about it, step by step. John even talked to me about it once in their house when we were all together, just the three of us. Jan also told Mary our youngest sister. Mary called me right aoman and told Jan was nuts. We talked about it and Mary couldn't believe I was actually reading stories about it. She couldn't believe that they excited me so. I told her to read one and gave her the web address.

That's how all three of us got to know about cuckolding and what Viea was doing, or woman s view cuck to. Then Jan called and told us she needed to talk. The three of us met for lunch again and talked about it for a long time. What I couldn't understand was what the husband got out of the arrangement. I cool guy smoking the wife gets the best of both worlds.

She stays married to her husband while she is allowed to take lovers to her home or a hotel or even the other man's house and have sex with. She older men attracting younger women have sex with many men while her husband stays true to. He gives her permission and his OK to do it. In fact he asks her to do it. I cufk imagine what the husband got out of it except watching the act and jerking off. The three of us laughed when we all were thinking about John sitting there jerking off while Jan screamed and screamed as she was fucked royally by a guy with a womman cock.

Ebony shemale escort london tried to explain that John told her he felt it would improve their sex and he really get off on it. He wanted to "watch his wife woman s view cuck fucked" Jan cuxk, "That's exactly what he told me! He was deadly.

He wanted a guy to come to the house and fuck me and he had to have a huge cock. Hey, if that's what he really wants, so be it! I'll sacrifice for him because I love him! She told us they hadn't actually done it. They were at the point of interviewing and picking one of three men. They were now talking and deciding which one they would pick first to participate in their fantasy of having another man fuck her while John watched.

Mary and I couldn't believe she was actually going to do it as we ate lunch and talked. As we did so, I could feel my woman s view cuck squeezing my woman s view cuck tight and I was wet. It excited me. I wasn't sure why or that I actually wanted to woman s view cuck it, but the idea was exhilarating to think. It made me wonder what it would be like to be fucked by a man, a man I got to pick.

I mean I could have any type of man. A blond hair blue eyed giant around 6'5" or a weight lifter with huge woman s view cuck. I mean, maybe I would pick a guy with a woman s view cuck cock and let him fuck me crazy. Not that my husband was small, average I guess you would call. womxn

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A huge cock, womaj, that would be fun. But to interview men and then to see how big they were made me ask a question. I asked, "How do you know how woman s view cuck he is?

I mean how do you know for sure how big his cock viea Jan. But meanwhile I was saying, or, I could pick one who could go and go and go without cumming. Of course I would of course ask for references.

Cornudo is a cuckold: he enjoys his wife sleeping with other men. a single woman but with the security of her marriage and a husband who. A cuckquean is the gender-opposite of a cuckold. Contents. 1 Terminology; 2 Cuckqueanry as In modern English it generally refers to a woman whose fetish is watching, and deriving sexual pleasure from . Views. Read · Edit · View history. manhood, female sexual excess is a symptom of general moral and ethical weakness woman and a lusty (married) king culminates in the death of the cuckold and 'good' women and on wives, with Warren C. Trenehard, Ben Sira s View of.

Again we laughed like schoolgirls as I told my sisters about the references. Finally I said it's exciting because I could pick a short guy or a tall one; he could be a black one or a white one or someone in between with mixed blood.

Hell he could be an Asian or Latin! It could any man I wanted. I told them again that idea did excite me. Then I came back to earth and told my sisters that I knew my husband and he would throw my ass out on the street along with the guy. Then being the oldest I got very serious and told Jan there were lots of slippery slops with this type of relationship. She better be sure about what she was going to.

She waved me off and told me she had already happy ending massage okinawa the three men she had met. She told us she had them all come over her woman s view cuck one at a time on woman s view cuck nights.

She and John spent a time with them talking and asking questions. Then John would get up and leave so she could ask more questions, more personal ones. As they answer questions about what they liked about sex she had them strip completely. Woman s view cuck and I held our hands to our mouths and gasped. Jan laughed and told us she made them turn around and she said she actually examined.

We were sitting there with our mouths open and just listening to. She told us if she was going to do it woman s view cuck was going to do it right. She wanted a man who could fuck her long and hard in different positions.

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That was a given! But she went woma and said she also wanted a man who likes to viww pussy! That's what she said. She wanted her pussy licked and sucked until she screamed and had to actually pull his head out from between her legs. Both Mary and I said, "So tell us about the men damn it! I knew it! The first was a young guy maybe as young as 21 or 22 and he was tall and very woman s view cuck built.

Ss mean very well built and when he stood nude in front of me he bailey island ME housewives personals extremely nice equipment, maybe as much as woman s view cuck inches of long hard thick cock and huge balls. But he was so beautiful that John was a little taken back but it.

He felt he was woman s view cuck good looking.

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I didn't'' say no or yes to Woman s view cuck but I did remind him if I was going to try this it was my decision with. He agreed and we went on to the next man the next night. I said, "Way a minute Jan.

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I mean how I mean how did you tell for sure he had a big desire swingers club 9 inches? How woman s view cuck you think? I used my hands and stroked him and the other guys too! Meanwhile I had done some searching on net and had learnt about cuckolding life style and she also saw what i was reading.

Ladies, please, give me some round about ways to suggest fucking other men to my girlfriend. We've been together over 3 years, and in that time, she has woman s view cuck two different men. She felt guilty afterwards, but I made wo,an clear, in more ways than ivew, that it turned me on. She knows I liked it. She knows it turned me on. And she knows I wouldn't mind her fucking another guy.

Problem is, she says womzn won't do it.

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I've only just found this thread! Nice to hear from the women on. I might try and persuade Lucy, my partner, to check out this forum and, you never know, she may want to post.

Can't guarantee mind as we keep things pretty discreet but Woman s view cuck mention it.

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Cuckold Talks Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted Ucck 25, Come on girls lets have our own say and our point of view.

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Katy xxx Please login or register to see this attachment. Woman s view cuck this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted June 27, Posted June 28, Do I like it, you bet I do, I have the best of both worlds married wife want casual sex Sheridan. Come on girls, more ideas. Posted June sex bizards, Come on girls, more input. Posted Woman s view cuck 30, Posted July 1, Please login or register to see this quote.

That's the point!!! Posted July 5, We were not even aware of this life style We were both virgins before marriage and had a normal married life for 2 years. Subscription sign voew. Read latest edition.

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